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Choices, choices

louisiana soybean planting

Do your homework and take a ‘1,000-foot look’ when selecting varieties. • By Vicky Boyd, Editor • Only a few decades ago, many growers didn’t think much about selecting soybean …

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Caution urged after mystery seed mailings

mystery seeds

State agriculture officials are warning residents to be wary of unsolicited packages of seeds mailed to them. Reports have surfaced from South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington and …

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Not as bad as you think

dectes stemborer

Let’s rap about Dectes stem borer in soybeans • By Scott Stewart • Over the years and several times in the last month, I’ve had folks tell me how bad …

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Overwhelmed by seed options?

Keep these 4 things in mind to narrow the field. Harvest may seem like a distant memory, but many growers started thinking about the next growing season and selecting the …

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A deep-rooted commitment

soybeans in cover crops

Arkansas producers embrace cover crops to boost soil health, reduce erosion and maintain profitability. • By Vicky Boyd, Editor • Robby Bevis views his soil as a complex living web that …

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Gone viral

small corn earworm

Targeted, environmentally friendly approach enlists beneficial organism to control corn earworm in soybeans. • By Vicky Boyd, Editor • Monty Bohanan, who farms with his brother, Derek, near Stuttgart, Arkansas, likes …

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