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SiebertSiebert accepts Southern position

SiebertDow AgroSciences has named Jonathan Siebert as an Enlist field specialist in the Mid-South and Texas. Siebert has extensive experience in weed science, agronomics, cotton and sensitivecrop research. Regulatory approvals for the Enlist system are pending at this time.

“As a native of Louisiana, Jonathan understands Southern crop production and will be a valuable in-field resource for growers, applicators and retailers in the South,” says Damon Palmer, Dow AgroSciences U.S. commercial leader, Enlist Weed Control System. “His research in cotton breeding and corn and soybean germplasm will enable him to provide the tools and information that customers need to adopt the Enlist system with confidence.”

“Each year, growers throughout the South are seeing more glyphosate-resistant weeds such as Palmer amaranth and marestail in their fields,” Siebert says. “I’m proud to bring new tools to producers that will advance modern farming by enabling exceptional performance.”

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BASF and John Deere form soybean disease-fighting incentive program

Soybean farmers can now take advantage of a deal that combines an effective soybean fungicide with an effective way to apply it, thanks to BASF and John Deere.

Soybean growers who purchase $300 or more of Priaxor fungicide from BASF before March 15, 2013, may qualify to purchase John Deere spray nozzles between April 1 and May 31, 2013, with no payments and nointerest financing for 150 days.

Priaxor fungicide provides continuous protection against a broad spectrum of plant diseases. More than 75 trials conducted by BASF in 2010 and 2011, in the United States, reveal that soybean acres treated with Priaxor fungicide out-yielded untreated land 87 percent of the time.

John Deere nozzles offer precision sprayer performance and accuracy. This enhanced and targeted coverage maximizes applications of Priaxor fungicide by distributing it evenly on soybean leaves.

Once applied, Priaxor fungicide continuously delivers its chemistry throughout each leaf. This brings more consistent disease protection and post-infection disease controls, providing Plant Health benefits that can result in greater yields.

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New biological fertility product

Novozymes BioAg is expanding its portfolio of innovative biological fertility products for the 2013 growing season with the introduction of new JumpStart LCO.

JumpStart LCO is a seed-applied biofertility product for use in corn and other grain crops, including soybeans. JumpStart LCO is a combination of two proven crop-enhancing technologies: Penicillium bilaii and LCO (lipo-chitooligosaccharide) Promoter Technology.

Penicillium bilaii is a naturally occurring soil fungus that provides crops with better access to soil and fertilizer phosphate. LCO Promoter Technology is a naturally occurring plant signal molecule.

When present at the time of planting, LCO Promoter Technology enhances the plant’s nutritional capabilities. The result of this early season activity is better plant health and performance.


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