EPA registers FMC insecticide premix

fmc logoThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently registered Elevest insecticide from FMC Corp. for use on several crops, including cotton, soybeans, sweet corn, peanut and potatoes. The product is a premix of the full rate of Rynaxypyr — the brand name for chlorantraniliprole — and a full rate of the pyrethroid, bifenthrin.

Together, they offer growers fast knockdown as well as long-lasting residual, according to a news release. Chlorantraniprole, a diamide, belongs to the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee’s Group 28. Bifenthrin belongs to the IRAC Group 3A.

Elevest provides enhanced activity on select lepidopteran pests as well as broad-spectrum control of more than 40 insects. Among them are stink bugs and plant bugs.

Following a mild winter, like the one experienced in 2019-20, the potential exists for high lepidopteran and plant bug populations. Scouting fields and knowing the insect spectrum will be key to selecting the best tools for the current and later-season conditions.

The premix also targets key soybean pests, including corn earworms, soybean loopers, armyworms and stink bugs, found at the R3 growth stage.

In corn, the insecticide is suited for tassel sprays for corn earworms and stink bugs. Late in the season, when cotton fields require treatment for bollworms and stink bugs simultaneously, Elevest insect control provides the desired spectrum of control, according to the release.

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