EPA registers DuPont dicamba herbicide for use on Xtend beans

DuPont logoThe Environmental Protection Agency has registered FeXapan herbicide plus VaporGrip Technology for over-the-top in-season use on Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans and cotton.

State registrations are pending.

The herbicide, which contains the active ingredient, dicamba DGA salt, is intended to be part of an integrated weed-control program that includes pre- and post-emergence applications of residuals with multiple modes of action. The proprietary VaporGrip Technology is designed to reduce volatility and off-target movement.

As with other dicamba products used in-season, FeXapan carries a number of label restrictions, including specific nozzle types and droplet sizes, application wind speeds, buffers, tankmix partners and tank clean-out instructions.

For more information, including application best practices and stewardship, visit www.dupont.com.

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