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EPA adds nozzles to labels of dicamba, 2,4-D herbicides

Greenleaf nozzles
Six nozzles from Greenleaf Technologies were among those recently approved for use with XtendiMax with Vapor Grip herbicide.

The Environmental Protection Agency has added 20 more nozzles to those approved for use with XtendiMax dicamba herbicide, bringing the total to 21.

Among those are six nozzles from Greenleaf Technologies approved for use with Monsanto’s XtendiMax herbicide.

In addition, the EPA has labeled 23 nozzles as of Jan. 16 for use with Enlist Duo, a 2,4-D choline from Dow AgroSciences. Included among those are seven nozzles from Greenleaf Technologies.

But using approved nozzles isn’t the only part of the application equation for these new herbicide technologies. The herbicide labels also carry specific pressure ranges under which the applications can be made.

In addition, labels of both the new dicamba formulations as well as 2,4-D choline carry approved tankmix partners. As of mid-February, none have been approved for use with XtendiMax or Enlist Duo.

The EPA has added nine adjuvant to the list of those approved for use with BASF’s Engenia dicamba herbicide. They are Induce, Astonish, Class Act Ridion, Contrast, Fastrate, Impetro, Intact Xtra, Jackhammer Elite and Kabak Plus. For a complete list, visit BASF.

Larry Steckle, University of Tennessee weed specialist, discusses “using the correct nozzles correctly” and application pressure ranges in his latest blog.

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