Thursday, April 25, 2024

Webinar examines seeding rate influence on yields

With high seed prices and low commodity prices, you may be tempted to reduce seeding rates. Unfortunately, there isn’t much data to back those decisions.

A group of studies conducted in Iowa from 2009-2015 found that planting date was a much better predictor of improved yield and economic returns than other spatial factors, such as field topography, soil composition and row spacing.

Dr. Peter Kyveryga, director of analytics for the Iowa Soybean Association, discusses this subject on the most recent Focus on Soybean webinar, “Risk and Benefits of Changing Farmers’ Common Soybean Seeding Rates.” It will have open access through May 31.

The 15-minute presentation also provides specific insights into:

• Key planting dates for seed rate testing

• Methods for alternating seed rates throughout a field

• Ideal mid-August plant population densities

The non-profit Plant Management Network, which hosts Focus on Soybean, is a collaborative effort among the American Phytopathological Society, the American Society of Agronomy and the Crop Science Society of America.

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