Thursday, April 25, 2024

Webcast looks at tillage effect on fate of Palmer pigweed seed in soil

soybean weed seed fateUniversity of Arkansas weed science professor Jason Norsworthy is hosting the latest Focus On Soybean webcast titled “Seed Burial and Persistence of Palmer amaranth and Waterhemp.”

During the 22-minute presentation, Norsworthy will provide information about the effects of tillage methods on seed burial depth and persistence of Palmer amaranth and waterhemp.

The goal is to help make informed decisions about how best to manage these weeds.

In the video, seed production potential of these weeds is covered along with depth of seed burial and the likelihood for these weeds to emerge from a one-time deep tillage or continuous no-tillage production systems. P

Persistence of both weeds in the soil seedbank is compared when lying on the soil surface or buried to a 6-inch depth over a three-year period for northern and southern U.S. geographies where soybeans are typically grown.

Management strategies using tillage along with the need for preventing escapes are examined with recommendations based on current level of infestation in fields.

Click here to view the video, which is part of the Focus On Soybean series of educational webcasts. The videos are produced by the Plant Management Network, a nonprofit collaborative effort among the American Phytopathological Society, several non-profit organizations, several universities and a number of provide firms.



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