Asgrow plans to introduce 47 new XF soybean varieties for 2021

asgrow logoFollowing the European Commission’s authorization of XtendFlex technology, Asgrow brand has released its soybean lineup that includes 47 varieties with the new stacked traits across all maturity groups for 2021.

Asgrow XtendFlex varieties from Bayer have been genetically modified to tolerate over-the-top applications of glyphosate, dicamba and glufosinate.

The new varieties range from Maturity Group 0 to 7, with multiple products in each relative maturity group, according to a news release.

Top varieties that will be launched in the Southeast include:

AG35XF1, AG38XF1, AG45XF0, AG47XF0, AG48XF0, AG54XF0, AG55XF0, AG57XF1, AG69XF0 and AG72XF0

Asgrow expects to supply more than 10 million U.S. XtendFlex soy acres in 2021. To prepare for the 2021 launch, varieties products have been tested in expansive, nationwide field trials so farmers, dealers and licensees can learn and experience the latest technology.

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