Saturday, May 18, 2024

Syngenta trademarks new insecticide active ingredient

syngenta logoSyngenta Crop Protection has trademarked a new insecticide active ingredient, Plinazolin technology, for launch in the coming years. It contains the active ingredient isocycloseram, a member of the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee’s Group 30.

This group of insecticides is known as GABA receptor antagonists. Gamma-aminobutyric acid — GABA — is a neurotransmitter, or chemical messenger, in the brain.

Because of its novel mode of action, Plinazolin can control pests that have developed  resistance to many other insecticide modes of action, such as pyrethroids and neonicotinoids, according to a news release.

The new active ingredient offers broad-spectrum control of a number of insect pests, including stink bugs, mites, thrips, caterpillars, flies and beetles, according to a news release. Syngenta plans to commercialize it in more than 40 countries and on more than 40 crops, including soybeans, corn, rice, coffee, cotton, and a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

The active ingredient will be first marketed to soybean growers in Argentina under the brand Virantra.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has the product slated for review in early 2023 in its multi-year work plan for conventional pesticide registrations – new chemical registration candidates.

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