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Insect Growth Regulator For High-Yield Soybean Programs

Cavalier 2L is an insect growth regulator for controlling insects in soybeans. It’s active ingredient, diflubenzuron, is a chitin inhibitor that provides excellent, economic insect control for at least three weeks. Cavalier 2L controls most insect pests, including velvetbean caterpillars, green clover worms, cabbage loopers, saltmarsh caterpillars and grasshoppers. Cavalier 2L has also shown potential for fungicidal synergism in university studies and in field use.

According to Raymat Crop Science, piggy-backed with the fungicide applied at the R3 stage, this product economically and effectively controls a broad spectrum of soybean insect pests. Producers who tankmixed Cavalier 2L with a fungicide on their early beans in 2014 were protected without flaring secondary insect pests, such as soybean loopers and corn earworms, and most did not have to make a late-season insecticide treatment. It is highly compatible, easy to mix and can be applied aerially or by ground.

An early Cavalier 2L/fungicide treatment especially complements high-yield soybean programs where growers push the crop for yields of 50 bushels per acre and higher. However, the tankmix benefits all Mid-South and Southeast soybeans.

Across the Mid-South, yield increases have ranged consistently from two to seven bushels per acre on Cavalier 2L-treated soybeans. Cavalier 2L is an ingested product; therefore, good spray coverage, either by air or ground, is essential for control. Particle size is also critical. During the manufacturing process, Cavalier ingredients are precision milled to obtain a 1.5 to 2.2 micron particle size for maximum insect control because of superior leaf coverage. This particle size also enhances your soybean fungicide, developing a synergistic effect.

In addition to soybeans, Cavalier 2L is labeled for peanuts, citrus, and tree, nut and vine crops. For more information, contact your Helena Chemical sales representative.

Residual Herbicide Offerings Both Have Two Modes Of Action

Drew Ellis, Dow AgroSciences market development specialist for the Mid-South, says Dow AgroSciences has two pre-emerge herbicide offerings for use on soybeans available for the 2015 season – Sonic herbicide and Surveil Co-pack. “

From an agronomic standpoint, we are encouraging soybean producers to utilize broad-spectrum, residual-based products with a couple of modes of action to help control their most difficult weeds,” he says. “For example, Sonic is a pre-emerge herbicide that focuses on residual control of glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth, glyphosate-resistant marestail and other hard-to-control broadleaf weeds.”

According to Dow AgroSciences, Sonic is easy to use and convenient because it provides better tank mixability and is easy on equipment. This herbicide works in all tillage systems.

Surveil Co-pack also has two modes of action, and, according to Dow AgroSciences, has short plant-back intervals for key rotational crops and no pH restrictions. This herbicide provides broad-spectrum control of troublesome weeds and puts weed control back into the hands of the grower by using a double barrier of residual chemistry to protect yields and manage resistance.

Sonic and Surveil Co-pack are not registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. Always read and follow label directions.

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