CruiserMaxx Plus hits the market

03-11SScvr-smThe EPA has approved registration of CruiserMaxx Plus insecticide/fungicide seed treatment for use on soybeans.

It will join the CruiserMaxx beans brand family as a new formulation and will offer all of the benefits of CruiserMaxx insecti-cide/fungicide seed treatment, plus a higher rate of mefenoxam for increased protection against Pythium and Phytophthora, in one convenient product. CruiserMaxx Plus will utilize a red colorant to distinguish itself from the blue colorant in CruiserMaxx.

“Traditionally, retailers in areas with high levels of Pythium and Phytophthora have had to spike CruiserMaxx with additional mefenoxam for enhanced disease protection,” says Mark Jirak, crop manager for Syngenta Seedcare. “Now, with the introduction of CruiserMaxx Plus, retailers will benefit from the convenience of an all-in-one product, while offering their grower customers the same level of insect and disease protection they have come to expect from the CruiserMaxx brand.”

CruiserMaxx Plus provides protection against a broad spectrum of soil-dwelling and foliar-feeding insect pests, as well as all major seed- and soil-borne disease pathogens for increased vigor, stand, speed to canopy and yield potential. CruiserMaxx Plus will be available for the 2011 planting season.

New LCO Promoter Technology

EMD Crop BioScience is introducing Ratchet for the 2011 growing season, providing corn and soybean growers with a foliar product that taps into the breakthrough performance advantages of LCO (Lipo-chitooligosaccharide) Promoter Technology.

“Ratchet is a foliar-applied product that enhances photosynthesis and plant growth, and helps ensure that corn and soybean crops realize their full performance potential,” says Cathy Soanes, Ratchet product manager for EMD Crop BioScience. “Ratchet is formulated for ease of use. The product is compatible with the growers’ post-emergent applications, including glyphosate herbicides, so they can capture the benefits of LCO Promoter Technology with no additional passes over their fields.”

The crop performance results are evident in field trials conducted over the past three growing seasons. In trials from 2008 through 2010, Ratchet delivered an average yield boost of four to five bushels per acre in corn and one to two bushels per acre in soybeans.

Ratchet is packaged and sold in two 2.5-gallon jugs. Each jug can cover 80 acres at an application rate of four ounces per acre. The product is compatible with most tank- mix partners.

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Highly touted residual herbicide anticipates fall 2011 registration

New trial results show a soon-to-be-registered product from Valent demonstrated longest-lasting control against a variety of tough weeds.

In a series of crop destruct research field trials across 23 states in the 2010 season, growers, retailers and researchers have reported that Fierce herbicide had as much as eight weeks of residual control of key weeds and grasses, including velvetleaf, Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, common ragweed, common lambsquarters, morningglory, Pennsylvania smartweed and giant foxtail.

Fierce, a preemergence herbicide, has an anticipated EPA registration of fall 2011. This herbicide contains Valor, the most used product for broadleaf control in soybeans, and a new active ingredient, pyroxasulfone. Fierce can be applied up to three days after planting soybeans or up to seven days before planting no-till or minimum-till corn.

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