Monday, February 6, 2023

Missouri lifts ban on three dicamba products, issues SLN labels

Missouri department of ag logoThe Missouri Department of Agriculture has lifted the recent ban on applying Engenia, XtendiMax and FeXipan dicamba herbicides on tolerant soybeans and cotton, instead replacing it with Special Local Needs labels.

The statewide order prohibiting use or sale of all other dicamba formulations remains in effect through Dec. 1, according to an announcement from Missouri Department of Agriculture director Chris Chinn.

Missouri had issued the emergency ban July 7 in response to more than 140 complaints of suspected dicamba damage filed with the state agriculture department.

The Missouri SLN labels carry further restrictions compared to the federal label including:

  • Wind Speed – DO NOT apply at wind speeds greater than 10 mph. Applicators must measure and record wind speed and wind direction for each field prior to application.
  • Application Timing – DO NOT apply before 9 a.m. and DO NOT apply after 3 p.m.
  • Certified Applicator – All applications of Engenia, XtendiMax or FeXipan must be made by a properly licensed Missouri certified private applicator or certified commercial applicator, certified noncommercial applicator or certified public operator.
  • Dicamba Notice of Application Form – Certified applicators must complete an online web-based form “Dicamba Notice of Application” prior to the actual application. The Dicamba Notice of Application Form is posted on the Missouri Department of Agriculture’s website at:
  • Recordkeeping Requirements – Certified private applicators, certified noncommercial applicators and certified public operators must keep and maintain a record of use for each application of Engenia, XtendiMax or FeXipan herbicide.

Watch Missouri Department of Agriculture director Chris Chinn discuss the Special Local Needs labels:

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