FMC to acquire part of DuPont’s pest control portfolio

Dow DuPontAs part of its planned merger with Dow, DuPont has entered into an agreement with FMC to divest part of its agricultural business. In return, DuPont plans to acquire FMC’s health and nutrition business.

The divestiture will satisfy DuPont’s commitments to the European Commission with its conditional regulatory clearance of the merger with Dow, according to a news release.

Under the agreement, FMC will acquire DuPont’s cereal broadleaf herbicides and chewing insecticides portfolios. Among the products are Rynaxypyr, marketed as Prevathon; Cyazypyr, marketed as Lumiderm seed treatment; and Indoxacarb, marketed as Steward.

In addition, FMC will acquire the DuPont crop protection research and development pipeline and organization, excluding seed treatment, nematicides and late-stage R&D programs, which DuPont will continue to develop and bring to market.

The assets being divested generated revenues in 2016 of about $1.4 billion.

Following the divestiture, the agriculture division of the merged Dow-DuPont company will retain strong crop protection assets, including an herbicide portfolio for corn and soy broadleaf weeds and grasses, cereal weed control, DuPont’s disease control, and Dow AgroSciences’ insecticide portfolio.



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