EPA registers new insect growth regulator

Helm logoTampa, Fla.-based Helm Agro US recently received Environmental Protection Agency Section 3 registration for its insecticide/miticide Diflumax 2L.

The product, an insect growth regulator, contains the active ingredient diflubenzuron. It blocks the production of chitin, which is used to build the insect exoskeleton.

Diflumax 2L controls a broad spectrum of species, including armyworms, grasshoppers, Mormon crickets, pear psylla, codling moths, leafminers, Asian citrus psyllid and citrus rust mites, among others.

It is registered for an array of crops, including soybeans, cotton, wheat, citrus, stone fruit and tree nuts. Yet it provides a wide safety margin to benefit insects and pollinators, according to a news release.

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