Bayer seeks hearing before EPA administrative law judge over Belt insecticide

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Belt insecticideBayer CropScience has taken the “unprecedented step” and requested a formal hearing before an Environmental Protection Agency administrative law judge over the agency’s proposed cancellation of registrations for flubendiamide insecticide.

Bayer markets the active ingredient as Belt Insecticide, and it is labeled to control worm pests on several crops, including soybeans.

“EPA is trying to cancel the products through a streamlined hearing in an effort to shield its science from independent peer review and to avoid other government and stakeholder input on its approach,” Bayer said in a letter to its customers. “We disagree with this and are exercising our right to request that (an) EPA Administrative Law Judge hear both sides and issue an initial determination on what process should be followed.”

The EPA claims use of the insecticide may harm benthic organisms—microscopic organisms that live in ocean floor sediments.

After the administrative law judge issues an initial decision, the EPA Environmental Appeals Board will review it. The entire process typically takes about 75 days.

In the meantime, retailers can continue to sell the insecticide and growers can continue to use it according to label.

Read about the background of this disagreement by clicking here.

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