Friday, June 21, 2024

UA offers Arkansas growers free nematode soil testing

• By Amanda Greer •

If you have fields that are:

southern root knot nematode
Southern root knot nematode in soybeans — photo courtesy University of Arkansas

• Currently in soybeans.

• Will be soybeans next year.

• In longer cropping rotations that included soybeans in the past three years.

• Cover crops in rotation with soybean.

Soil samples may be sent in to the Arkansas Nematode Diagnostic Lab for FREE this year, thanks to ongoing support from the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board.

We will accept samples from county agents, consultants or growers.

There is no limit to the number of samples you can send in.

All samples should be entered through our DDDI On-line sample submission program.

Be sure to provide crop information so we know it is part of the free program.

This will be our standard vermiform and cyst egg count report for soybean. If you are interested in soybean cyst race testing, be sure to write this on the form as this is by request only.

If you need help on how to take and handle nematode samples or the DDDI process, you may take our online course at, “Collecting & Packaging Nematode Soil Samples.”

For other information regarding this process or any other nematode question, contact our Lab 870-777-9702 ext 128, Cathy at or Amanda at

Amanda Greer is a diagnostician with the Arkansas Nematode Diagnostic Laboratory.

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