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Tennessee launches 2020 ‘Top Bean’ soybean yield contest

The Tennessee Soybean Association and Promotion Board will once again sponsor the “Top Bean” soybean yield contest in 2020. Growers are encouraged to work with their local county Extension agent to enter their best irrigated and dryland fields and compete for “Top Bean” in the state.

Tennessee is divided into five yield districts for the contest. District winners will receive awards, and all district winners will compete for state winner in irrigated and dryland production. Because 2020 has been a challenging year and half of the state’s beans will be planted late, a separate award will be made to the grower with the state’s highest June planted irrigated and dryland yield.

Basic contest rules and an entry form may be found here.

Eligible growers should:

a) be or become a member of the Tennessee Soybean Association.

b) submit an entry form with their county agent by Aug. 3.

c) work with their county agent to harvest and submit contest paperwork by Dec. 11.

Each farm operation/farm entity may submit one entry in the irrigated and dryland contests. Contest fields must be located in Tennessee and should be a minimum of 10 acres in size with 3 continuous acres harvested for the contest.

Any questions about the contest should be directed to Angela McClure at 731-394-0079 or at athomp15@utk.edu. For more information on how to join the Tennessee Soybean Association, please contact Gina Thompson or Marsha Dabney at 731-668-2850.

The University of Tennessee contributed this article.

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