NC kicks off 2019 soybean yield contest with a few changes

nc soybean producers logo The North Carolina Soybean Yield Contest categories have changed from previous years for the 2019 Soybean Yield Contest and moving forward.

Most notably, there is no longer a “Most Efficient Yield Contest.” There will now be both irrigated and non-irrigated contests.

The contest is sponsored by the North Carolina Soybean Producers Association but administered by North Carolina State Soybean Extension.

Traditionally there have been two categories for entry — a high yield contest and a most efficient contest, but these categories are changing for the 2019 season. The category and prize structure is being updated based on feedback from growers across the state.

The big change for 2019 is the “Maximum Efficiency Contest” will be eliminated. Instead, Irrigated and Non-Irrigated divisions will be introduced. The categories and prize structure are outlined in the graph below.

The 2019 Soybean Yield Contest rules and entry form have been uploaded on the NC State Soybean Extension Portal:

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