MSU updates its 2020 Soybean Variety Demo Program Summary

• By Trent Irby and Tom Allen •

When previously posted, two locations from this year’s program had yet to be harvested. Since that time, harvest has been completed and the link below has been updated to reflect the addition of these data.

As a reminder, the annual Mississippi State University Extension Soybean Variety Demonstration Program is conducted using a set of varieties with proven performance. These varieties are grown in a production setting on various soils and management systems around the state. The sets for 2020 represented the Roundup Ready 2 Xtend and Enlist E3 systems.

Data generated through this program are designed to complement small plot variety testing data to support variety selection decisions.

MSU Extension sincerely appreciates the efforts of each cooperating producer as well as all of the company participants. The results for this year’s program can be found through the link below:

2020 MSU Extension Soybean Variety Demonstration Program Summary
Dr. Trent Irby is MSU Extension soybean specialist. Dr. Tom Allen is Extension plant pathologist.

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