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MSU begins annual redbanded stink bug survey

• By Angus Catchot, Whitney Crow, Don Cook and Jeff Gore •

redbanded stink bug
An adult red-banded stink bug — photo by Vicky Boyd

Each week we sample, we will add to the previous weeks post with updated map and new counties

Over the next few weeks, we will be posting redbanded stink bug ditchbank survey information. Although we feel that we had a cold enough winter to greatly reduce populations, we will survey numerous areas of the state to determine overwintering survival and potential threat to our soybean farmers.

As in previous years, we welcome the data that our consultants, retailers, U.S. Department of Agriculture and other industry personal provide us on locations that you have sampled. We ask that if you help us out by sweeping crimson and white clover to simply provide us the total number of sweeps per site, county and if possible GPS coordinates.

Also, keep up with adults and nymphs separately. We have a new faculty member, Dr. Sam Ward, who will be working on a predictive model to determine threat of RBSB based on temperature, so the more data we generate the better. Thank you all again for your help.

RBSB ditch bank survey results from the week of April 19, 2021:

• Adams County 1: 1/500 Sweeps.

• Adams County 2: 0/300 Sweeps.

• Jefferson County 1: 0/200 Sweeps.

• Jefferson County 2: 0/200 Sweeps.

• Lowndes County 1: 0/100 Sweeps.

• Lowndes County 2: 0/100 Sweeps.

• Copiah County: 0/100 Sweeps.

*At this time all finds were adults

April 22 RBSB map

Dr. Angus Catchot Extension entomologists and can be reached at Dr. Whitney Crow is an Extension entomologist. Drs. Don Cook is a research entomologist and Jeff Gore is a research and Extension entomologist. All are with Mississippi State University.

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