Lauderdale County, Tennessee, producer wins ‘Top Bean’ with 100.2 bushels/acre

university of tennessee institute of ag logoThe University of Tennessee Extension, in collaboration with the Tennessee Soybean Promotion Council, held the “Top Bean” yield contest in 2019.

Dry, hot weather in September and excess rains in October and November created some yield challenges for soybean producers who planted late, but yields for early planted beans were good to excellent. Most higher yielding entries were from early (late April or early May) planted soybeans planted on narrow rows.

For the contest, Tennessee was divided into five districts with first- and second-place winners in each district. The district fist-place winners automatically competed for Top Bean state yield champion in irrigated and non-irrigated production.

Congratulations to Brad Burks (Lauderdale County), who is the 2019 state winner for irrigated soybean production with 100.2 bushels/acre, and to Eric Reed (Lincoln County), who is the state winner for non-irrigated soybean production with 89.2 bushels/acre.

All district and state winners will receive additional recognition at their local grain conferences in February.

For a complete listing of district winners and runners-up, click here.

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