Friday, July 30, 2021

Consider an inoculant if planting soybeans in previously flooded fields

soybean nodulation
Courtesy Mississippi State University
Soybean nodulation

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If your fields were flooded, you may want to consider treating your soybeans with an inoculant before planting, says Louisiana State University AgCenter soybean Extension specialist Ronnie Levy.

Soybeans are big users of nitrogen, removing about 4 pounds of nitrogen per bushel, he writes in a recent grower newsletter. Soybeans that are poorly nodulated will have to take up most of the nitrogen they need from the soil. Since nitrogen fertilizer is generally not applied to soybeans, a crop that is poorly nodulated will quickly use up the available nitrogen in the soil and become chlorotic from nitrogen deficiency.

Click here to read more from Levy about the importance of soybean inoculants, especially in flooded fields.

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