Arkansas Soybean Board names 2018 Grow for the Green winners

grow for the green logoThe Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board and the Arkansas Soybean Association recently named the winners of the 2018 Grow for the Green Soybean Yield Contest, and one of those producers topped 100 bushels per acre in a trying year.

The contest divided state soybean producers into eight groups, seven geographic regions and one all-state conventional (non-GMO) category.

During the Arkansas Soybean Association’s recent annual meeting in Stuttgart, cash prizes were awarded to the top three in each division who achieved at least 60 bushels per acre.

Altogether, 144 soybean producers entered the contest, and one exceeded the 100 bushels-per-acre milestone in 2018, according to a news release.

The “Race for 100” yield contest began in 2007, and in 2013, three producers reached the goal.

In 2018, William Palsa from Tillar joined the elite club using Local Seed LS4565 and a yield of 107.394 bushels per acre. Palsa is the 18th producer to achieve the 100-bushel mark since 2013.

Here is a list of the winners, their respective production regions and varieties.

1-Northeast Delta
Marty White Poinsett Asgrow 46X6 RR2X 95.194
Annette Wray Poinsett Progeny 4816 RX RR2X 90.670
Mike Hook Craighead Pioneer P48A60X RR2X 90.214
Brad French Randolph Credenz 4222 LL 94.416
Judd Cunningham Poinsett Asgrow 46X7 RR2X 89.957
Brian Mack Poinsett Asgrow 46X6 RR2X 88.579
3-White River Basin
Terry Fuller Monroe Pioneer P47T36 RR 83.513
David Petter Prairie Pioneer P46A16R RR2X 85.762
Justin Earls Jackson Progeny 4851 RX RR2X 79.575
4-Central & Grand Prairie
Taylor Burdett Arkansas Asgrow Ag47X6 RR2X 93.088
Drew Counce Arkansas Pioneer P46A16 RR 90.321
David Strohl Prairie Asgrow AG 46X6 RR2X 90.234
5-East Central Delta
Michael Taylor Jr Phillips Asgrow AG 47X6 RR2X 87.809
Neil Culp Phillips Asgrow AG 46X6 RR2X 87.394
Blake Culp Phillips Asgrow AG 46X6 RR2X 86.624
6-Southeast Delta
William Palsa Desha Local Seed LS4565 RR2X 107.394
Caper Robertson Desha Asgrow AG 4632 RR2Y 87.403
Kenneth Robertson Desha Asgrow AG 46X6 RR2X 83.402
7 – Western
Greg Hart Conway Rev 48A76 RR 77.067
James Gregory Conway Pioneer P47T36 RR 72.269
Lewis Moore Conway Beck 494 LL 65.510
Jon Carroll Monroe Ellis Conv 70.764
Laura Stephens Cross Progeny 4910 Conv 70.309
Brandon Stephens Cross Progeny 4910 Conv 67.701

The Grow for the Green Yield Soybean Yield Challenge is funded by the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board using producer checkoff funds. The contests are administered by the Arkansas Soybean Association in cooperation with the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.

Complete contest information, including data extending back to 1999, is available at

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