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Primary target: Soybean aphid

Gowan Company, LLC and Nisso America, Inc. announce their Federal EPA registration of Justice insecticide for control of insect pests in soybeans. Gowan has exclusive rights to market Justice within the U.S. soybean market. Justice insecticide is a dual mode of action premix containing the best-in-class neonicotinoid for aphid control, acetamiprid, and bifenthrin for fast knockdown of labeled insect pests and better resistance management.

While the primary insect target for Justice is soybean aphid, Justice will also be labeled for other insect pests including armyworm, bean leaf beetle and soybean looper.

Justice will be marketed as a unique liquid oil flowable formulation that allows both active ingredients to remain in their most biologically active form. Justice is a foliarapplied insecticide with use rates ranging from 2.5 – 3.0 fluid ounces per acre. Justice has a 30-day PHI (pre-harvest interval), a 12 hour REI (restricted entry interval), and zeroday plant back interval for soybeans and a 30-day plant back interval for all other crops. In addition, Justice is approved for chemigation, ground rig and aerial applications.
Xtend Crop System launched

Monsanto has unveiled its new Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System, which is designed to provide farmers with more consistent, flexible control of weeds, especially tough-to-manage and glyphosate-resistant weeds, to maximize crop yield potential.

Pending regulatory approvals, this system is expected to be available to U.S. farmers for the 2014 growing season, consisting of an innovative new soybean trait solution and a next-generation herbicide formulation. Roundup Ready 2 Xtend is Monsanto’s Genuity soybean trait that includes tolerance to dicamba. This trait will be stacked with the current Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybean trait technology. Roundup Xtend is an enhanced dicamba and glyphosate herbicide premix that will enable farmers to manage weeds before planting and as an overthe- top option during the season in conjunction with Roundup Ready Xtend crops.

Once approved, the Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System will be available in all Monsanto soybean brands and broadly licensed to independent seed companies. For more information, please visit
‘Virtual Classroom’ offered

Syngenta has converted its soybean crop page on into a Virtual Classroom that will feature a variety of agronomic and product solutions information combined with the extensive crop knowledge held by Syngenta to help growers maximize soybean production.

“The demand for soybean continues to rise while the agronomic challenges expand,” says Wendell Calhoun, communications lead, Syngenta. “And U.S. soybean production requires more intensive crop management in order to maximize yield to meet this demand. As a leader in the soybean industry, Syngenta is proud to offer a resource focused entirely on providing solutions to the agronomic challenges faced by soybean growers and retailers so they can produce a successful yield.”

The Virtual Classroom, located at, is an allencompassing source for Syngenta soybean information. It includes commodities information, links to product information, multimedia and links to other valuable resources found on, such as the Pest Solutions Resource. A main feature of the Virtual Classroom is the regularly updated Soybean Insider blog, which discusses the most relevant and timely topics. The weekly blog, along with multimedia, can be delivered to your email weekly upon registration.

To further correspond with the enhanced soybean resources, new mobile-friendly product pages have also been launched for all Syngenta Crop Protection products.

For more information, please visit and follow Syngenta on Twitter and Facebook.
White mold defense strategies and weekly updates available online

A new online disease resource called is now available for soybean growers seeking timely information and disease prevention strategies to stay one step ahead of white mold this year. Developed by MANA Crop Protection, growers can use this exclusive online resource and enroll for Soybean White Mold Weekly Updates by accessing URL address or typing whitemoldinfo. com into the Internet browser.

Dave Feist, Project Development Leader for MANA Crop Protection, says, “Growers who have soybean in high alert areas for white mold are encouraged to utilize the information to gain an understanding of the disease’s profile and proliferation trends, ways to minimize spreading between fields, evaluate its economic impact on yields and learn preventative approaches to minimize risk. Also, growers can opt to receive a weekly email update, giving additional insights during the season, along with regional planting progress and outbreak reports.” Growers who access the online resource and subscribe to Soybean White Mold Weekly Updates can expect to receive reports beginning in early May and continuing through June. Weekly reports from MANA Crop Protection will be sent to growers via email delivery.
New formulations approved

Vulcan insecticide, developed and manufactured by MANA Crop Protection, has received approval by the EPA for its new state-of-the-art chlorpyrifos formulation, labeled for use on soybeans, corn, wheat, pome fruit, tree nuts, grapes, citrus, vegetables and other crops.

Using MANA’s proprietary technology, new Vulcan touts an advanced formulation that allows for excellent insect knockdown with high levels of control found in emulsifiable concentrate-based chlorpyrifos formulations. Vulcan’s low-odor quality improves handling and convenience in comparison to previous chlorpyrifos delivery platforms. Paradigm insecticide, also manufactured by MANA, has received EPA approval for its new formulation of lambda-cyhalothrin for broad-spectrum insect control in soybeans, corn and other crops.

Paradigm offers an advanced formulation that allows for fast-acting insect knockdown with the same high levels of control found in emulsifiable concentrate (EC) lambdacyhalothrin- based products. It also has exceptionally low odor and favorable PPE requirements with a “caution” signal word, which improves worker handling, convenience and safety when compared to other lambda-cyhalothrin delivery platforms.

Paradigm’s advanced pyrethroid chemistry combines contact and ingestion activity for greater control of armyworms, cutworms, loopers, beetles and aphids.
Biological/chemical seed treatment

Poncho/VOTiVO seed treatment is now available for soybeans and cotton for the 2012 growing season. For soybeans, Poncho/VOTiVO controls early season aphids, over-wintering bean leaf beetle, seed corn maggot, grape colaspis, white grub and other early season pests. It also protects soybeans from nematodes, such as reniform, root-knot and soybean cyst (SCN). Poncho/VOTiVO also complements existing SCN-resistant soybean varieties for even greater protection.

According to Ethan Luth, Bayer CropScience seed treatment product manager, besides yield benefits, Poncho/VOTiVO also helps enable growers to get their seed off to a strong start, which allows them to reap more benefits, including increased plant health and vigor.


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